About Me

ElephantsMy name is Amanda Dawes, and I was born in Vancouver, Canada in 1983. I now live in London with my husband, who  many say deserves nomination for sainthood, and our cat (who certainly believes he has already been sainted).

When I tell people that I moved from Vancouver to the UK in 2008 and have now settled in London, I am often met with a sense of incredulity . Why, after all, would I move out of such a beautiful city when so many around the world are begging to move in?

I don’t have an answer, at least not a good one. The closest I can come is to say that although my roots are firmly implanted in Canadian soul, I have always had a desire to roam. I have lived in Australia, Greece, & England, and travelled as much as finances and time have allowed. Somehow, I have found my way to a small flat in South London, and it is from there that I write this page.

I have always loved to write, although despite many good intentions I have never written regularly or with any sort of purpose. I have memories of sitting at an ancient computer as a young girl, writing stories which I would tell my family over dinner. I also have memories of various teachers trying to find something positive to say about my enthusiasm for the spoken word, telling me that if I could just channel my talking energy into writing, I could take over the world. Or, at least, make some money.

I sadly find myself neither at the heart of world power nor as an independently wealthy artiste, so during the day I work in the field of sexual health and HIV. I have a degree in Psychology, a  diploma in Intercultural Training & Education, and a masters in International Health Promotion.  Perhaps a blog about sexual health and relationships will follow. Perhaps not. Either way, the critical mind I have gained throughout my education will certainly influence my writing.

Aside from writing and spending my days talking about sex, I also love yoga, travelling, food, and photography. So, my plan with this blog is to write about the things I love, which I hope will be of interest.

So, that is me: an almost-32 year old aspiring writer, sexual health specialist, and wife, who lives in London but speaks with a loud and perhaps brash Canadian accent. I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts and exploring my images.






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